Kozuka / kogai set- #KKS-034

Superb & very attractive minty Kozuka

School : Kaga-goto

Jidai (era) : late-Edo / ca. 1800's


Paper / certificate : NBTHK-hozon

Material : thick & heavy wall, very fine deep dark black shakudo nanako with gold inlay's/overla'ys high relief of a gold banner over the very fine black nanako 

Motif design : Noren (noren is a hanging divider usually used in doorways)

Sizes : 3-13/16"  x  9-1/16"   or   9.7 cm  x  1.4 cm 


Condition : great color & condition

Comment : motif design & composition are superb & beautifully done. Superb Kozuka, very good workmanship with very fine details, minty condition with no damage of any kind


Price : $1,850